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NBA Live 18 -  How to Practice 

NBA Live 18 has three game modes (drills, shootaround, and scrimmage) that give players the chance to practice controls and more advanced moves.  

NBA Live 18 is not a complicated game when it comes to controls and moves on the court. Users will learn how to guide their players mainly through practice. Three modes that are specially designed for training are part of the game. These modes are great for those who are playing an NBA Live game for the first time but also for veterans. Considering that the franchise skipped a year, even veterans may be a bit rusty so a bit of practice won't hurt at all. The three practice modes are drills, shootaround, and scrimmage. Each mode is about practice but it has different gameplay so all three modes cover all that players need to know when they are on the court. 

Drills mode teaches basic game controls. All players should start by practicing some drills before they sign up for an important game. Doing some basic drills will benefit both novice and veteran players. Learning game controls is the foundation of winning matches. The controls are organized in categories like offense basic controls, defense basic controls, and post moves. This way players can select the category they wish to train and practice until they master all the moves. The training system offers one drill at a time so players will have a sense of progression. After players are comfortable with drills, they can advance to shootaround mode. This is the perfect chance to practice more advanced moves. The best way to approach this training is to follow the list of moves. Controls are displayed for each move. Players can identify which moves are giving them troubles are practice them to perfection. 

Once the shootaround challenge is completed players can move on to the scrimmage mode. There are two ways to play in this mode: 1 vs. 1 or 5 vs. 5. Players can choose their opponent for 1 vs. 1 games. The second mode, 5 vs. 5, offers a great opportunity to learn how to play in a team. Players can come back to these three modes at any time they feel the need for more training. 

So here is a small guide about how to practice in NBA Live 18. Besides this game, EA have other very populat sport game NFL 18, FIFA 18, FIFA Mobile, etc. Next time we will discuss about Madden 18 coins transferring in game to help you get the players you need with less coins. Stay tuned!